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Her  Journey  as  an  Artist.

Jalak Desai is a Pharmacologist by profession and an Artist by heart. Being an Artist is what she always strived for right from childhood. She did get a lot of appreciation in school days for her paintings but the year 2020 was a total shift for her career. During the lockdown period, she got to know her real-self and that’s when she felt that creating paintings not only gives her happiness but also gives inner sense of achievement and purpose in life.

Artist’s Voice

All the impactful events and feelings that left an impression on my life now culminate into a painting. Sometimes I do not choose a color, the colors choose me! As a woman I see a way of expressing this as a form of empowerment. I fulfill many roles of a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, a mother, a friend, even a mentor and philosopher sometimes, but an artist’s relationship with oneself is something else. I had often wondered what I had done for myself, what had I achieved besides a perfect family and social life? I found answers to that question when I started pursuing painting in 2020. This deep ingrained feeling of self-fulfillment, gratification and self-worth can neither be conveyed nor understood. But yes, it can certainly be painted and experienced.

A skill that turned into a hobby is now a life-line passion for me. Here’s why it gave me a sense of purpose- I feel more fired up, driven and inspired wanting to transform a new experience into a painting. It built my self-worth, I feel more valued, confident with every hour I paint. It is like constructing well-being with every stroke of my brush. I keep improving with every painting and I feel more assured with a sense of achievement when a painting is complete. Became my greatest stress buster- A passion that especially helps you express, vent or release pent up emotions is a great reliever. The elated feeling, I carry for the rest of the day after leaving my Studio is the best ever bliss. Helped me focus on goals- Painting is not a time killer for me. It is an intense experience, because it is so engaging. Sometimes it is like I cease to exist physically, only a latent creative me exists. The concentration sometimes saps me of energy, but there is definitely the sense of pride when the last perfect stroke completes the painting. Turned me into a hard-core optimist- Painting has no rules. Nothing is ever wrong, nothing is restricted or constrained. Painting taught me there are several possibilities to look at things, numerous perspectives and there can be many interpretations and ways to express. So, there is always an optimism about what I do, I am always the one who ends up winning!

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